2023/03/01   NXT Results: February 28th,2023

We see what happened earlier this month between Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Dolin is seen walking backstage now. Back to commercial.
We go back to the ring and out comes Gigi Dolin with her black rose.
Dolin yells for the music to be cut and says that’s the last time we will hear that awful song. She knocks Jacy Jayne and says her life was changed when her skull was smashed in the ring three weeks ago, but that wasn’t the first big change in her life or the first big betrayal in her life. She says Jayne made her realize who she really is and what she’s made of. She says it was fun being the mean girls of Toxic Attraction and it was fun to channel her own inner demons, because deep down she’s just been happy to survive.

She says Jayne knows this because Dolin shared everything with her. Dolin says Jayne knows how Dolin’s own mother used her and abused her, and when she finally got the chance to run away as a teenager, she was determined to show her little brother she could make it in WWE and they could make it on their own. Fans cheer Dolin on as she talks more about getting knocked out and always standing back up. Dolin tells Jayne to bring everything she has at Roadblock next week but it will not be enough because she will use every bit of pain, suffering and rage she has built up inside to hammer the final nail in the coffin of Toxic Attraction.
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