2023/10/08   NXT Results:October 3rd,2023

Dolin attacks Davenport before the bell rings. Dolin tees off on Davenport. Dolin tosses Davenport around the ringside area. Dolin kicks Davenport in the gut. Dolin rolls Davenport back into the ring. Dolin ducks a clothesline from Davenport. Dolin with a forearm smash. Dolin gets Davenport tied up in the ropes. Dolin dropkicks the back of Davenport. Dolin with a running basement dropkick for a two count. Dolin sends Davenport to the corner. Davenport side steps Dolin into the turnbuckles. Dolin goes for the slingshot, but Davenport lands on the middle turnbuckle. Davenport kicks Dolin in the face. Davenport with a Flying Double Foot Stomp. Davenport scores the elbow knockdown for a one count. Davenport repeatedly drives her knee into Dolin’s back. Davenport kicks Dolin in the back. Dolin headbutts the midsection of Davenport.

Davenport with The Swinging Arm-Ringer. Davenport with another Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Dolin with a back elbow smash. Davenport answers with a knee lift. Following a snap mare takeover, Davenport goes for an elbow drop, but Dolin ducks out of the way. Forearm Exchange. Davenport kicks Dolin in the face. Dolin sends Davenport across the ring. Dolin clotheslines Davenport over the top rope. Davenport slams Dolin’s head on the announce table. Dolin avoids the chair shot from Davenport. Dolin with a Roundhouse Kick. Dolin rolls Davenport back into the ring. Dolin delivers her combination offense. Dolin with three clotheslines. Dolin with a Hesitation Kick for a two count. Dolin grabs the steel chair. The referee admonishes Dolin. The referee snatches the chair out of Davenport’s hands. Dolin rolls Davenport over to pickup the victory. After the match, Davenport attacks the referee. Davenport says that this is far from over.

Winner: Gigi Dolin via Pinfall
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  2023/03/01   NXT Results: February 28th,2023

We see what happened earlier this month between Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Dolin is seen walking backstage now. Back to commercial.
We go back to the ring and out comes Gigi Dolin with her black rose.
Dolin yells for the music to be cut and says that’s the last time we will hear that awful song. She knocks Jacy Jayne and says her life was changed when her skull was smashed in the ring three weeks ago, but that wasn’t the first big change in her life or the first big betrayal in her life. She says Jayne made her realize who she really is and what she’s made of. She says it was fun being the mean girls of Toxic Attraction and it was fun to channel her own inner demons, because deep down she’s just been happy to survive.

She says Jayne knows this because Dolin shared everything with her. Dolin says Jayne knows how Dolin’s own mother used her and abused her, and when she finally got the chance to run away as a teenager, she was determined to show her little brother she could make it in WWE and they could make it on their own. Fans cheer Dolin on as she talks more about getting knocked out and always standing back up. Dolin tells Jayne to bring everything she has at Roadblock next week but it will not be enough because she will use every bit of pain, suffering and rage she has built up inside to hammer the final nail in the coffin of Toxic Attraction.
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  2022/03/23   NXT 2.0 Results:March 22nd,2022

Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray are making their entrances now. We see Toxic Attraction (NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose, NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne) watching from up in the Toxic Lounge. We get formal ring introductions from Alicia Taylor as the bell rings. Choo starts off with Shirai as the bell hits and they go at it. Shirai takes Choo down but Choo poses and waves, confusing Shirai. Shirai attacks again and in comes KLR for a double team.

KLR covers for 2. Choo works KLR over but KLR fights out of the corner. Choo sweeps KLR and pins her with a unique pin for 2. Kai tags in and they double team KLR in the corner, slamming her back into the turnbuckles. The double team continues and Kai covers for 2. More back and forth between KLR and Kai now as Toxic Attraction looks on.

Shirai tags in as KLR drops Kai into position for 619. Shirai goes for 619 but Choo protects Kai with her pillow. Shirai takes Choo out and then launches KLR to the floor. Choo checks on Kai after the hard landing. Shirai launches KLR out to the floor and she takes Choo down. Shirai then runs the ropes and flies out, taking Kai down against the announce table. Toxic Attraction looks like they were impressed and a bit concerned at the two dives. We go to a picture-in-picture commercial.

Back from the break and Choo is mounting offense on KLR. Choo drops her unique Nap Time elbow for a close 2 count. Choo and KLR tangle and Choo sends KLR into Shirai to knock her off the apron. Choo with a 2 count. Choo takes KLR to the top as she tags Kai in. Shirai runs over and pulls them both off KLR in the corner. Kai comes back and nails KLR with a big boot as Choo sends Shirai to the floor. Kai and Choo double team KLR in the corner. Kai slams KLR for a close 2 count. KLR fights off Kai’s shoulders. Kai runs into an elbow.

Shirai comes in and plants Kai face-first into the mat after decking Choo off the apron. Shirai with 619 to Kai. KLR comes in and flies off the top to level Kai for a close 2 count as Choo makes the save just in time. Kai blocks the KLR Bomb, then drops KLR on her head. Kai goes to the top and Choo tags herself in. Kai with a Coup de Grace on KLR. Choo follows up with a splash for the pin but Shirai breaks it up just in time, flying in out of nowhere.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” now as all four competitors are down. Shirai blocks a kick from Kai and plants her with a backbreaker. Choo slams Shirai. Choo grabs KLR but KLR headbutts her. KLR with the KLR Bomb to Choo. Shirai tags in and goes to the top for her signature moonsault to Choo. Shirai covers for the pin to win while KLR stops Kai from rushing back in.

Winners of the 2022 NXT Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Io Shirai and Kay Lee Ray

– After the match, Shirai’s music hits as she and KLR celebrate in the middle of the ring. Toxic Attraction stands up and looks on from the Toxic Lounge as we go to replays. The confetti falls from the ceiling as Shirai and KLR stand tall in the ring with the Dusty Classic trophy. Toxic Attraction enters the ring now. Rose calls for the music to be cut because she has something to say. She congratulates Shirai and KLR on their win, and says Choo and Kai blew it. Rose says if Shirai and KLR think they’re going to beat Gigi and Jayce to become the new champs, they’re sadly mistaken. KLR says they had one thing in mind when they got into the tournament – to destroy Toxic Attraction and the best way to do that is to go after the leader and take what’s most important to her. Shirai brings up how Rose says she’d fight any woman for the title. KLR says she and Shirai are gong to cash in their tag team title shot but instead they’re going to make the NXT Women’s Title match at Stand & Deliver a Fatal 4 Way with Cora Jade. Toxic Attraction beats Shirai and KLR down now. Jade runs down to make the save. Jade, Shirai and KLR clear the ring as fans cheer them on, sending Toxic Attraction to the floor. Jade’s music starts up while the babyfaces and the heels face off as NXT goes off the air.
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  2021/11/24   NXT Results:November 23rd,2021

Back from the break and Toxic Attraction is backstage, talking and walking as they insult Cora Jade. Dakota Kai walks up and awkwardly walks with them. Mandy Rose says she won’t need them out there with her tonight. There’s a bunch of debris laying on the ground. They acknowledge it but keep walking. Kay Lee Ray appears and knocks some more stuff to the ground with a baseball bat.
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  2021/09/21   NXT Results:September 14th,2021

Before the match, Dolin and Jayne hyped up Mandy Rose’s new look, fueled by her injury at the hands of Sarray. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter lost their smiles before the bell could ring, though.

God’s Greatest Creation interfered quickly to cause a disqualification. The heels beat down the faces until Sarray made the save. And GM William Regal restarted the match as a six-woman tag.

Rose looked dominant early as she threw around everyone in her path, particularly beating down Catanzaro. Escaping the grip of Jayne, Catanzaro escaped and got the hot tag to Carter, who ran over the heels. Sarray got involved and went after Rose.

God’s Greatest Creation sent The Warrior of the Sun out of the ring. Rose then hit a bicycle knee on Carter to take the victory.

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